Mexico / by Ash G

Gar and I went on a 2 week lovescapade in Mexico!

Mexico City was the first stop; Giancarlo and his parents welcomed us at the airport and we rode back with them to their place. Hadn't seen GC for awhile at that point, and missed him to bits obviously, so it was super lovely. We spent the next few days exploring DF with Giancarlo, gaining such eye-opening insights under his local guidance: "And here on your left... Are some trees. They are green and brown. On your right, you have more trees..." All that intellectual stuff.

IMG_8863 copy.jpg

At that point, with Giancarlo's aid, we hadn't had much trouble at all with the language barrier because we just relied on his Spanish. But when we had to leave him and head up to San Miguel de Allende, that's when we realized how completely fucking helpless we were - I spoke zero Spanish, and Garson struggled with it. 

San Miguel was a breath of fresh air after the hustle and bustle and pollution Mexico City. We wandered all through the cobblestone roads of this lil town, never once feeling the need to be wary of anything. Everyone was really friendly, and under a local by the name of Seamus's recommendation we hit up the club Limerick one night - to my delight you could smoke in there!! 

We also met a mötley crew of locals, and one of guys Pepe offered to take us around the nearby Botanic Gardens. It was the raddest fucking place ever:

IMG_9302 copy.jpg


Spent a couple more days in Mexico City, where we met a bunch of cool cats at the hostel. There was Brad, comic from NYC, Lucy, a volcanologist from Australia, and David, a world adventurer from Austria who cycled from his home country to India, then flew into North America and has been on the road ever since. I can't remember exactly how long he has been traveling, but I'm pretty sure it's a long ass time. 

Street tacos are sooo good you guys. It took awhile for my tummy to get used to it though. Gar wanted to head to the beach because he's super white and loves beaches, so we went to Puerto Escondido by bus.

We went surfing - it was my first time! Note to self/everyone/public service announcement: put fuckin' sun screen on your BUTT. Okay, okay, maybe that's a no brainer and I was just complacent. But I got so sunburnt that I couldn't sit for days, it was horrible. I had to lay a towel everywhere I sat, no joke. 

Beaches aren't ever really my thing, especially because they're always tourist infested hellholes, but Puerto Escondido wasn't that badly gentrified... Yet. So it was cool to chill for a little while. When we finally headed back to ATX though, I was glad to be back home.